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Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic in Miami Shores

What is Chiropractic and why do I need it ?

By: Lionel Leger, DC, LAT, CSCS

I often ask people I meet if they know what Chiropractic is and most people give me the stare like I have asked them a trick question and put them on the spot. Most replies are usually the same: “Isn’t that something to do with cracking or adjusting the back?” In a way they are right. The spine IS the answer. But what is it about the spine that makes it so special? Why do Doctors of Chiropractic spend so much time studying it and treating it?

The brain and the spinal cord, which make up the central nervous system, are the first structures to begin developing (neural tube) before any other organs form in the Embryonic stage, 22 days after conception. The spinal cord is lodged in the middle of the spine, well protected. Every function in our body depends on the well being of the spinal cord. The spinal nerves come off the spinal cord and go to different areas of our body to serve specific functions. These spinal nerves travel to the body via specific anatomical areas located on the spine. The signals sent from the brain to the cord and to the nerves can get interfered with if these areas are too small or occluded for reasons such as a misalignment, degeneration, or growth. Chiropractors learn specific methods to recognize what causes this interference, and should they decide that a subluxation or misalignment is the cause, they correct it with different techniques. That is the basis of Chiropractic and how Chiropractic was founded.

            Over the years, Chiropractic has adopted a more traditional approach and most people today see a Doctor of Chiropractic as another provider to seek when your back hurts. In fact, Chiropractic was not really interested in PAIN at the beginning at all, but more in the subluxation and the transmission of nerve impulse. Pain is merely a symptom that indicates something is wrong, and Chiropractic helps to determine what else is going on.

            Is your central nervous system acting at its full potential, providing everything you need to live healthy? Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain or headaches? For optimal health, have your spine checked regularly. Call Dr. Leger, your local Miami Shores Chiropractor, to schedule a consultation or appointment.


Below is a limited list of conditions that Integrative Chiropractic in Miami Shores, FL is very effective in treating.

  • Stress

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Leg Pain (Sciatica)

  • Shoulder and Arm Pain

  • Arthritis Pain (Joint Stiffness)

  • Back Pain

  • Low Energy

  • Mood Swings

  • Work or Sports Injury

  • Carpal tunnel Syndrome

  • Arm/Leg Numbness and Tingling

  • Don't See Your Symptom?

    At Integrative Chiropractic we utilize Chiropractic for the treatment of many symptoms and conditions, so if you don't see your specific problem that doesn't mean we can't treat it!

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