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We are pleased to introduce the collaboration of Jason Aguila. Jason is a personal trainer with certifications in functional training and sports nutrition. His expertise in exercise prescription allows him and I to design specific exercise programs for our patients based on their clinical findings and symptomology. Jason reviews these exercises with the patients in the office until they feel comfortable doing them at home or at the gym.
Periodic follow ups can also be scheduled if patients have questions about the exercises or if the program needs to be revised. Insurance companies have a reimbursement for this service when done in a doctor's office.
If you feel like you are not on the right track with your exercise routine or if you have questions regarding what you are supposed to be doing, please call the office and we can schedule your next appointment with Jason.



The answer to your back pain is in your body composition! This program will help you lose fat and increase muscle strength. This proven method will help you control your pain better, increase your energy level, and prevent injuries.
All services are tailored to each individual.
Different packages are available: Nutritional Guide Package, Training Guide Package, and Nutrition and Training Package.

Call for details and prices!

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