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Massage Therapy

Meet Lidia Santiago, LMT

Lidia describes herself as an Integrative Therapist and she has mastered several techniques to make this description more genuine. Although massage therapy was not her immediate career choice, her curiosity of the human body and its ability to self-heal sparked her interest. Lidia wants her patients to know that her mission
is to assist those who desire to achieve better health through self-care and maintenance.
You will find below some of the techniques that allow her to achieve her mission.

Craniosacral Therapy CST: is a light-touch, manual therapy that releases tension and restrictions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve overall health and wellbeing.
In basic terms it is a flushing and clearing of the nervous system because our nervous system is connected to everything.
The goal is to release compression in the pelvis, chest and head through soft gentle touch. It can be with clothing on, for those who do not like massage.
Can be effective in helping to relieve symptoms associated with:

Migraines and headaches
Alzheimer's disease and dementia
Orthopedic conditions
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Post concussion symptoms
Central nervous system disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Chronic fatigue
Spinal injuries and more.
A full treatment is 60mins but a shorter treatment can be done in 30mins.

Chakra Balancing:
The body has many chakras or energy points/centers throughout the body. Chakra balancing focuses on the seven main chakras of the body, their colors, and how to open, clear and harness their energy to better balance our way of life.

Hot Stones:
Hot stone massage can relieve pain and tension in your muscles due to the combination of massage therapy and heat. Heat is often recommended as a way to treat achy muscles. Applying heat to an area of the body helps increase blood flow to that spot, which improves healing.

Relieves foot pain
Increases circulation
Relieves headache and migraine
Increases energy
Stimulates nerve function

Encourage whole-body comfort and relaxation.
Increase your pain threshold.
Reduce inflammation.
Enhance blood circulation.
Remove toxins from your body.
Reduces muscles spasms

Lymphatic Drainage:
Reduces bloating and fluid retention
Breaks down cellulite and fat cells
Gives skin a natural healthy glow
Helps with post-injury swelling
Eases tension in the body
Optimizes results for pre/post corrective surgery

Pre / Post Natal massage:
Must have doctors’ consent
Must be done after 1st trimester
Massage is done side lying with bolsters and pillows


Brian C.

Dr. Leger is great about getting me in when I really need an adjustment. I use him regularly to keep me aligned from all of my gym induced injuries.

Timothy S.

Dr Lionel Leger is a consumate professional! He performs with utmost care and sensitivity, always delivering an integrative chiropractic session sure to please. I am proud to recommend Dr Leger and look forward to a continued relationship as a health care patient.

Bob P.

I was very skeptical about using a chiropractor, but Dr. Leger's methodical approach was very different than I expected, and provided a great deal of relief to my constant back pain. Had I not moved, I would have continued using his services, and I highly recommend him.

Lyndia M.

Dr. Leger treated me during my pregnancy, and helped me cope with back issues. He made me feel at ease, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Leger!

Jaun D.

Having worked with several physical therapists due to my various sports related surgeries I am very comfortable to recommend Lionel for both his medical expertise and his unmatched personal qualifications.

Carlos C.

My shoulder was killing me on a Saturday and I couldn't find a single Chiropractor in town. I contacted Dr Leger and he was kind enough to wait for me while I got lost on the way to his clinic. When I got there he was quick to detect the problem and did a great job on my shoulder, showing me exercises that have helped me too. His office has followed up with me in a non-invasive way. I would recommend his services.

Ekaterina S.

Dr. Leger by far is the best chiropractor I have had. Usually, the chiropractors that I went to didn't seem to care much about my well-being. They at most saw me for just a few minutes and put me in a massage chair. Dr. Leger gives all his professional effort to provide the best service to the patients and pays attention to even the smallest concerns with your health. His initial examination was very thorough, and he wrote down quite a lot. The following appointments, he always referred to the previous notes and noted the progress. He not only cares for my back, and skeletal frame, but gives great advice about other things that can affect your health, such as diet and sleeping position. He instructed me to do a few exercises every day, and despite the muscle strain that I may work up every day, the exercises have helped tremendously to get rid of it and made me feel much better. I no longer have acute pain, nor do I need to see Dr. Leger that often because of the improvement of my back.

Danny L.

Dr. Leger is very knowledgeable and well versed in the chiropractic field. The fact that he is also a certified athletic trainer gives him another perspective that you don't get with many chiropractors. He is easy to talk to and very interested in his patients' input. Dr. Leger always gave me the feeling that he was working with me rather than just on me, which is vital for me in any health related relationship I form. He is extremely honest. I trust his opinion and that he always has my best interest in mind.

Morrison D.

I was very fortunate to find Dr. Leger when I moved to Miami. I've had a couple of flare-ups of carpal tunnel syndrome, and he has successfully treated them. I would highly recommend him for chiropractic care.

Debbie B.

Dr. Leger is absolutely Incredible in every way. Words cannot even describe the depth of his caring and professional expertise. Over 2 years ago I came in and couldn't walk. He quickly got me pain free and has kept me that way since with maintenance visits. He had made tremendous progress with my Mother who was suffering terribly. He helped her friends also. He is so kind and genuine. I have never met any Doctor that has been so effective and helpful at all times. As I said....he's Incredible and I cannot ever Thank him enough!

Micheal C.

He took his time to find the troubled areas,I felt great after my first visit.

Raul H.

Dr. Leger was very knowledgeable about the issue I was experiencing with my neck and upper back. He was very patient with me. He answered all my questions and explained his diagnosis and procedures. I was most impressed with his training and knowledge of body mechanics and sports related injuries. I highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing any kind of repetitive strain or sports based njury.

Ilene B.

I have never had a doctor that cared so much. Not only did he take excellent care of me, always finding time for me with his busy schedule. He constantly checked on me to make sure I was progressing as I should, and continues to care about my well-being. There is no one who has ever treated me with this much concern, and professionalism.

Dawn M.

Dr. Leger is one of the most caring and professional chiropractors I have ever been to. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes a vested interest in his patients' well being. I have highly recommended Dr. Leger to my friends and co-workers in need of his services.

Veronica M.

Dr. Leger is a great chiropractor. He is on time, listens to you, gives you good advice, recommends and performs the right treatment. Would recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic service.

Sean S.

Dr. Leger is an amazing chiropractor and helped me with my sciatica. He is always professional, and he will make himself available for your needs. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.

Lourdes C.

I highly recommend Dr. Lionel Leger. My first visit with him was an emergency and he handled my case with great care. I can see that he is dedicated to his work and provides expertise, professionalism and a caring attitude to all his patients.

Susan L.

I came into Dr. Leger's office in awful pain. I could hardly get out of my bed. He worked with me for well over an hour. I found him to be extremely caring, gentle and kind. And each time I see him, he calls my home in the evening. When was the last time a Dr. was caring enough to call you after a visit? I am presently dealing with a sciatic nerve problem in my leg and he is helping me more and more. I highly recommend him and I will continue to go to him for my chiropractic care.

Mary R.

I did not realize how my body was compensating for a pinched nerve and its related pain. Neck surgery was recommended but not a solution for me. I found "my way" to Dr. Leger and through his treatment, I was relieved of the pain and he has provided exercises and tips to avoid another painful episode that I lived with for 5 months.

Debra B.

Dr Lionel Leger has been an absolute Lifesaver for me and words cannot express my appreciation for his kind and caring help. He's amazing! The Best!

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